Return of an Anime Blogger

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, has it?

Well I’m back, so let’s party!

Through out its three-year life, this blog has gone through major periods of inactivity because of school work. Right after I graduated from college, I did have about a month of updates before I was hired for a full-time software engineering position in a small startup company. Coincidentally, during my job interview, my future co-workers talked about this blog because it was the first thing they saw after doing a google search of my name. Boy, did they come at a good time… ^^;

Since then, my life has been busy with the whole “moving out and living on your own” experience. Getting my own apartment, paying my own bills, pimping out my bachelor pad with an Xbox and big-screen HDTV, and adopting two very cute kittens, Tiger and Nekomimi.

Any responsible pet owner should make sure that his pet only watches the best quality anime
But I haven’t stopped being the anime fan that I was before. I’ve still been keeping up-to-date on the latest news from the industry. I’ve been watching a couple of new fansubs every season, and I’ve been buying all the best new DVDs to hit state-side. While I chug away at work everyday, my iPhone is constantly playing some sweet Mosaic.wav into my ears. And I have also been corresponding with many Japanese otaku via the website Twitter.

Apparently they find a white American otaku to be some kind of novelty… ::shrugs::

But I still feel very disconnected from the American anime community. A lot of stuff has gone down in the past month that I feel must be addressed. Sadly, most of my audience these days does not speak English, so I’ve been very limited in what I can say and express. So I’m getting back to doing what I love doing, pondering and talking about American anime fandom via the Anime Almanac. I can’t promise I’ll be around for the long haul this time, but I will try my best to pace myself well enough to at least have one post every week.

… provided I’m not prevented from typing due to uncontrollable circumstances

For my next couple of posts, I will talk about my experiences at the New York Anime Festival last week. You can expect to hear my thoughts on the new con, graduating from being a school kid to a working adult at these events, the Manga Sutra, those assholes at Bandai entertainment, and other things.

Thanks to everyone who still has me linked on your blogroll. I will try to update my own blogroll for you all.

To my past readers, thanks for your support and I hope you’ll enjoy my rants again.

To new readers, welcome aboard. I hope you like what you see.

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