AnimeNEXT 2009 – Day 0 in Tweets

On site / Soon to be on site:

Erica Friedman
from Okazu


from Reverse Thieves

from The Anime Almanac

from AnimeNEXT

Vince A

DJ Ranma S
from Anime Jam Session

from Reverse Thieves

Vampt Vo
from Ani-Gamers

Kyle Hebert

Be Prepared

10:02 animenext:
Only one day to go until AnimeNEXT 2009

12:01 animenext:
Remember to use the hash tag #anext if you are tweeting about AnimeNEXT this weekend

12:01 Kim:
Note to my followers: I am planning on liveblogging Anime NEXT 2009. If you don’t want to hear about it, use

08:18 Narutaki:
Okay, by popular demand (curiosity?) we put a picture of the t-shirt in our pre-AnimeNEXT post:

12:10 Kim:
@Scott You here yet?

12:13 Scott:
@Kim no, my apartment is a just a 20 minute drive away, so I’m commuting to the con from home.

12:24 Kim:
@Scott Ah, that makes sense.

12:22 DJ Ranma S:
Still loading big bertha.

02:15 Vampt Vo:
Final projects are killing me. I’ve been working on them nonstop all week, so I haven’t done *any* AnimeNEXT prep. :,-(

02:25 Hisui:
@Vampt Vo Flying by the seat of your pants is an Anime Con tradition. 😉

02:30 Erica Friedman:
@Hisui You are so much righter than you have a right to be about that. 🙂

02:34 Hisui:
@Erica Friedman It is a joke that should only be a joke and not a harsh reality.

02:36 Erica Friedman:
@Hisui The reality of cons are much more harsh. Volunteers – you get what you pay for. 🙂

02:59 Vampt Vo:
@Hisui But I’m a preparation person! I need to have at least *something* planned out before a con!

03:16 Hisui:
@Vampt Vo Are you running any panels or are you just being cool press dude #1?

03:23 Scott:
@Hisui HEY! Everyone knows that I’m Cool Press Dude #1. 😉

03:25 Hisui:
@Scott @Vampt Vo Fine Fine. Evan is cool press dude #2. But cool podcaster #1. Are you happy now?

03:26 Scott:
@Hisui Yes.

04:09 Erica Friedman:
Done. Okazu is set for the next two days, I’m ready for AnimeNEXT.

04:50 Vince A:
Packing for con

05:55 Vince A:
On my way

Weird New Jersey

12:00 Kim:
Sitting in the hotel, getting ready for #anext. We made it in record time. Now we don’t know what to do.

12:08 Scott:
@Kim it’s central jersey! There are a ton of things to do around here! (^_^) … (^^;) … (;^^) … (-_-) … [takes a nap]

12:10 Kim:
@Scott Yeah, okay.

12:58 Kim:
Tori, @kuramasan, and I are trying to figure out why we have a regular light and a giant red lamp in our bathroom

01:00 Kim:
For what purpose does this mysterious red lamp serve?

01:07 Scott:
@Kim It’s hotter than normal lights, so it’s meant to dry you off. Sort of like a hair dryer but for your whole body.

02:35 Kim:
My dear friend, @kuramasan, believes New Jersey is the magical land of cows. Mock her, please.

02:57 DJ Ranma S:
Ahh Jersey, smell that air… *sniff, sniff, cough, hack, wheeze*

03:25 Kim:
Dear large scary man next door: Please stop attempting to use the door adjoining our rooms. We do not want you in our room. Go away.

Delays and Cancellations

12:03 Kim:
@kylehebert’s flight got canceled, so he can’t be at NEXT until tomorrow evening.

12:03 Kim:
RT @kylehebert audio tweet about Anime Next delays –

01:01 animenext:
Due to unforeseen circumstances Greg Ayres will not be able to attend AnimeNEXT 2009

01:03 Kim:
RT @animenext Due to unforeseen circumstances Greg Ayres will not be able to attend AnimeNEXT 2009 (I hope he’s okay!)

01:09 Scott:
No Greg Ayers at @animenext this weekend. Well there goes that story. (-_-)

01:11 Kim:
@Scott He might be sick or something. I’m just hoping he’s okay.

01:44 DJ Ranma S:
Greg Ayers isn’t coming, @toshi_yoshida & @kylehebert delayed… My expectations for this con lacks… #

03:26 Kyle Hebert:
@DJ Ranma S I’m booked now to fly out tomorrow morning. Should be there in the early evening. 😉

Checking In

03:18 Kim:
All the nerds are starting to file into the Holiday Inn for @anext

07:13 Vince A:
Made it to con

05:05 DJ Ranma S:
WTF! There are people driving in here with minivans to unload and yet… THERE IS NO ROOM FOR THEM!!!

06:00 animenext:
Early Pre-Reg Badge pick up is now open at the Garden State Exhibit Center

06:51 Kim:
Off to go get my badge with my friends!

07:05 Kim:
The line is very line-y. No one is doing anything interesting like last year. And some people are cosplaying. Why cosplay on a line

07:09 Kim:
Just bumped into my first acquaintance already. That was fast. #anext

09:53 Kim:
Here’s a picture of my badge. Sorry it’s blurry.

08:00 animenext:
Early Pre-Reg Badge pick up at the Garden State Exhibit Center is now closed #anext

Resting Up

08:44 Kim:
My friends and I are all sitting in the hotel watching Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. Good times.

09:00 animenext:
AnimeNEXT 2009 starts tomorrow Look for regular AnimeNEXT schedule updates from this Twitter account over the weekend

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