The Daily Almanac: My Favorite Magma

Well, we got hit with another snowstorm in Jersey which has kept me indoor for the past two days, and I got hit with a major cold today that has kept me in bed during that time. So today’s post is going to be brief and hilarious.

The Twitterverse has been all abuzz the past day over the alleged plagiarism of Nick Simmons, son of rock band KISS’s Gene Simmons, over a panel he apparently lifted from the manga Bleach.

That’s a story I’ll save for another day, but for now, lets talk about something funny. In response to the accusations a Facebook page, someone posing as Simmons went on an ignorant rant denying he watched anime nor ever “read a Japanese comic book or ‘magma‘.”

Thus gave birth to the My Favorite Magma meme on Twitter last night. All of the best anime and manga titles… just a little bit off. This would probably be the titles your grandmother would say if someone asked her what anime shows you were into.

You can see the entire list with the #MyFavoriteMagma hashtag, but below are my personal favorite magma titles.

Enjoy the list and have a good weekend, peeps! I hope many of you are able to make it to the NYICFF tonight and tomorrow. (^_^)

My Favorite Magma:

  • Fruits Biscuit
  • The Girl Who Lost Track Of Time
  • Loan Shark and Club
  • Cosby Bebop
  • Pita Bread
  • Sega Genesis Evangelists
  • Full Metal Don’t Panic!
  • Initiate D
  • Galaxy Express 90210
  • Fushigi Yogi Bear
  • Sole Heater
  • Spock and Worf
  • Deaf Goat
  • Viewtiful John
  • Read or Don’t
  • Reservoir Dogs Chronicles
  • Cheese Sweet Home
  • DeerS
  • Ramen 1/2
  • PowerPoint Saga
  • Hobits
  • You You Hockey Show
  • His and Her Circumcisions
  • Mobile Zoot Suit Gundam
  • K-NO!
  • Prince of Dentists
  • Hit at Mary Sketch
  • D-N-Angle
  • Strawberry Panic! At The Disco
  • Saint See Ya!
  • Yotsuba%
  • Ghost with a Smell
  • The Mechanic of Hairihi Suzymiya
  • School Rambo
  • Love Hannah
  • Witch Hunter Batman
  • Tango Tangy
  • http:// sign
  • Gifts of the North Pole

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