New York Comic Con ’09 – Day 0 in Tweets

Travel, checking in, ICv2 conference, dinners, and Gia sticking tentacles in her mouth.

So here’s the brand new feature I’ve been working on for a few weeks here at the Anime Almanac. With so many people I follow on Twitter attending the New York Comic Con with me this year, I figure it would be interesting to see the event play out through different perspectives. So here is a chronological recap of today in a very unique convention report.

To check out all the action at it’s happening this weekend, go to Anime Almanac the Live.

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10:48 Deb Aoki:
gods, i hate the 50 lb weight limit for luggage.
12:36 Deb Aoki:
Just tried metromint water for the first time. It’s like drinking watered down listerine…
12:49 Deb Aoki:
Waiting to board red eye to NYC, and I’m ready to konk out. Please, no screaming babies on this flight..X[
06:50 Deb Aoki:
Alrighty! Got into jfk, and am stunned at how nice Jetblue’s new terminal 5 looks! They have a muji boutique!
06:53 Deb Aoki:
Computer recharge stations with touch screens to order food & drinks that gets served to you while you use yr computer. Brilliant!
07:22 Deb Aoki:
According to yahoo, it’s 12 degrees out now, with sat/sun to warm up to 40-50 degrees. Kinda nuts.
07:33 Hisui:
I am off to attend the IVC2 conference at NYCC. Other than that I hope to see some people at the Precon party and Dave and Busters.
09:03 Scott:
Doing some final packing then getting on the bus to New York. NYCC, here I come!
09:25 Narutaki:
Testing twitter on my phone.
09:28 Narutaki:
Alright! I will try to tweet from the con this weekend.
09:32 Gia:
iiii hate leaving the house before it’s dark out. T.T
09:37 funimation:
Mornin’! An NYCC exclusive: Shin chan Season 2 Part 1! Buy it and get a free Shin chan candle. Think grocery store prayer candle.
09:41 Gia:
mmmmmmm, warm bus is warm’n’cozy!
10:01 Gia:
wow, fare inspectors this early? hmm!
10:13 Gia:
…ok, three f}e inspections between lloyd and sumner? wtf?
10:44 Deb Aoki:
told my sister about wanting to try neti pot, per recommendation of @hurokitty and @kyubikitsy. she says, ‘oh, really? i have one.’
10:45 Deb Aoki:
it was unopened. I said to her, ‘why did you buy it?’ ‘I saw it on oprah.’ man. oprah is a one woman economic stimulus plan.
10:46 Deb Aoki:
now, all we have to do is get oprah to read oishinbo or disappearance diary and the manga biz will rebound. 😉
11:27 Scott:
@funimation hey, I went by John’s Pizza just now, but it’s not open yet today.

11:29 Scott:
@funimation it’s a sit down Italian restaurant, not a typical pizza joint. There’s a “no slices” sign on the window.
12:11 Scott:
At the Javits, slow check-in is slow.
12:18 funimation:
@Scott U R awesome! Sorry it wasn’t open yet! I love John’s Pizza, wanted to share the love. DM me which box & where to send.
12:33 Scott:
That press room was pretty hard to find, but I’m all checked in and ready for some ICv2.
12:34 Scott:
Simple and direct.
01:03 Narutaki:
OMG Dave and Busters has skeeball! Now I know how I’m spending the evening.
01:14 Scott:
Comic legend Art Spiegelman gives the ICv2 keynote address.
01:28 Deb Aoki:
Mission “I will not eat at javits center” going well. Day 1: crab/pork soup dumplings at joe’s shanghai. :9
01:30 Deb Aoki:
Followed by hot green tea waffle from a Vietnamese sandwich shop. Crisp, slightly sweet & a little hint of coconut flavor.
01:51 Scott:
Speigelman is very witty in his keynote, but I wonder if he might be behind the times a little.
01:56 Scott:
He’s not too impressed about the internet’s effect on comics.
02:00 tania:
Done setting up at NYCC; back at office. NaRae sent JY Max Ride shikishi, and OMG, they’re so cool!!! IGGY<3<3<3!
02:16 Scott:
Could “cell phone comics” be the buzz of NYCC this year?
02:52 Dave:
got my nycc badge, guess i’ll loiter a bit before i see if they let me in at d and b (they don
02:52 Narutaki:
@Dave Ah I didn’t know you were going to the pre-con party, see you there!
02:55 Dave:
that is, they don’t like letting me in. my phone also rather dislikes twitter.
03:01 Dave:
man. I can’t wait to play me some daytona
03:27 Scott:
ICv2 graphic novel white paper time.
03:30 tania:
OMG, I think a member of ARASHI is coming here!
03:33 Deb Aoki:
gargh. small bottle of water is $3.75 here at javits. :p
03:34 Scott:
ICv2’s Milton Griepp will tell us how much trouble we’re in.
03:37 Scott:
2008 was the slowest growth rate since 2001, but “if flat is the new up, then graphic novels are doing great!”
03:40 Scott:
Manga release rate dropped 9% from 2007 to 2008.
03:44 Scott:
Manga still makes up 44% of the total graphic novel market.
03:46 MangaCast:
manga down 17% from 2008
03:49 MangaCast:
why? according to ICv2: Cartoon Network, Borders minus King Hassler, bookstore issues, economy and Twilight.
03:50 Scott:
Manga sale dropped 17% last year, reverted back to 2005 level.
03:52 MangaCast:
Manga releases down to 1224 approx for 2009. How many of those will be Naruto?
03:53 Scott:
“Teenage girls were more interested in Twilight in 2008 than manga.”
03:55 Scott:
“Naruto is still the star of the industry, and still continues to gain new readers.”
03:59 Dave:
no d and b till the party starts: can a brother just play some daytona?
04:00 Scott:
Even with the current econ, sellers are still predicting growth in 2009.
04:05 animevice:
Reminder: Questions for NYCC!
04:09 MangaCast:
According to an icv2 survey comic shops and retailers are not concerned with the current advertising situation for graphic novels. 10% only
04:10 MangaCast:
content quality and returns are bigger concerns
04:13 Robofish:
Working on a big announcement—read your TOKYOPOP newsletters tomorrow!
04:32 Scott:
I think I see a @debaoki…
04:37 MangaCast:
Industry Summit… I can see the top! Or it’s all downhill from here
04:57 Deb Aoki:
@Scott hoho. better late, if ever. 😉
04:59 MangaCast:
value added content is a phrase tossed around… Sounds nice, but how will it be done? Omnibus, hardcover releases & what else?
05:08 Scott:
(-_-) zzz… these large panels just keep on dragging on.
05:10 Deb Aoki:
itll be interesting to see if the viz signature stuff can get pickup from the watchmen crowd, ala how akira drove interest in anime.
05:18 tania:
Oh, SAKURAI~~~~! Was in my CUBE!
05:21 Narutaki:
In the dave and busters line. I think im in the first 200
05:50 Dave:
straight to the daytona machine (#8)
06:06 yenpress:
Yen Press just got interviewed by SAKURAI Sho of ARASHI for US Nippon TV! SO COOL~~~!
06:08 Deb Aoki:
@Scott it’ll certainly be challenging to distill it all down. :/
06:12 Scott:
At dave and busters.
06:34 MangaCast:
Day 0 in the can. Goodbye javits! I’ll see manana with a renewed fire fueled by sleep and brooklyn attitude
06:44 tania:
Sho-chan’s fave manga? Sanctuary, Rainbow, Ikigami…also, Dragonball, One Piece, and Slam Dunk. <3<3
06:51 Scott:
@narutakiRT kicking some old school arcade ass!
07:04 Gia:
just touched down!
08:28 tania:
Okay, I am officially leaving work and going to Yen karaoke, dead tired and having had half of my breakfast muffin for dinner. Yay.
08:38 Narutaki:
Dinner with bloggers, good times! My arm hurts from skeeball.
08:59 Scott:
Had dinner with @Hisui @Narutaki and @sasuraiger. Now at a bar waiting for @giapet.
09:14 Hisui:
@Scott and the much less cute me is also there in the pic.
09:20 Hisui:
@Scott I have to say @Dave is a really cool guy. It was awesome to meet him. As always it is nice to see you again as well.
09:21 Hisui:
@Scott and of course everyone loves @Narutaki unless you are pure evil. *wink*
09:27 Hisui:
@Scott But stalker vampire boyfriends are where it is at Scott. You just don’t get why Twilight is sooooo col. Old foogie.
09:31 Hisui:
I liked the ICv2 conference. It was a bit dry at time but it always interesting to see what the industry thinks of itself.
09:32 Hisui:
Or at least what people say amongst their fellows.
09:51 Scott:
Hot. @Gia taking a tentacle into her mouth.
10:05 Dave:
daytona was as chill as ever: blogger dinner with the RTs and @Scott was also pretty chill
10:30 Scott:
I’ve heard the word “Twilight” way too much tonight.
10:44 Hisui:
@Scott Now is the twilight of your discontent?
10:51 Deb Aoki:
whoog. 12 courses and 7 glasses of wine later, our dinner at wd-50 is done. i’m ready to konk.
10:55 Deb Aoki:
i’ll post photos later later, so you can see the everything bagel ice cream and smoked salmon threads w/ crispy cream cheese.
10:56 Deb Aoki:
if you’re curious, here’s the url for the restaurant:
12:25 Dave:
ah, conventions: (Ticket numbers are limited and do not guarantee movie admission.) YATTERMAN: IT’S A MAYBE

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