New York Comic Con ’09 – Day 1 in Tweets

Teen girls with manga, dealers room, Tentacle Grape, Vertical, and Yatta, Yatta, Yatterman!

Yes, my readers, on the first day of Comic Con, I was graped. I didn’t want it at first. I kept on begging, “No! Please don’t! Stop!” But I eventually gave in and opened myself to the purple monster. Before I knew it, his tangy liquid filled my body.

… and I kinda liked it. I even went back for seconds.

Not a lot of industry stuff going on today. They’re saving that all for tomorrow. Check out Anime Almanac the Live on Saturday for all the crazy going on as it happens.

On site today:

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07:18 Deb Aoki:
urgh. up at 4 am west coast time, feeling the cold trying to overcome my embattled immune system. go away!
07:56 Vampt Vo:
Making myself a sandwich in order to save money on food at NYCC today. You won’t tempt me, expensive con food!
08:06 Hisui:
Time to get a burning. Off to NYCC.
08:09 Vampt Vo:
Ack, time to go. Don’t wanna miss that train!
08:28 Chuck:
Train is late… Running late now to retailer’s breakfast ~_~
08:41 MangaCast:
Is Dark Horse having a manga panel?
08:41 Narutaki:
Work a few hours this morning, hitting NYCC about 1PM. Just in time for the Minimates panel.
08:52 Deb Aoki:
Bought insane amount of freshly baked croissants from rheon cafe in soho – it’s a specialty of this Japanese bakery. Crazy good stuff!
08:54 Deb Aoki:
No, not specifically manga. It’ll be like sdcc where they mix it up from various parts of their catalog.
08:54 Anime3000:
@MangaCast Same question here. They’re having like eight panels throughout the con, are they all the same? –Choi
09:03 Vampt Vo:
On the train into the city. If all goes well, I should be at the Javits by 1015 for Brigid Alverson’s manga panel.
09:08 MangaCast:
@Anime3000 well it’s either today or Sunday I think. Ask Jeremy at DH if you see him
09:14 Scott:
At the Javits Center nice and early. Eyes: bright. Tail: bushy.
09:37 Chuck:
Ok…I’m ticked…train was late at us profesionals can’t go in till 10am…the retailers breakfast ends at 10!!! Damn you NYCC & LIRR!!
09:40 Chuck:
Anyways…I’m in when others can’t ^^

09:57 funimation:
See Shin chan and his boriqua honeys (hot latin ladies) at the FUNimation booth at NYCC. That’s booth 1607, papi.
10:02 funimation:
5 for Friday. Be 1 of the first 5 people to answer the following trivia question correctly & win the S2 P1 Shin chan DVD that streets 2/10.
10:03 funimation:
Ready to play? And go! What is the name of Shin chan’s school?
10:04 tania:
exclusive Soul Eater giveaway at the Yen Press panel tmw!!
10:13 Scott:
Mmm… @Deb Aoki brought sweets for breakfast.
10:14 yenpress:
Exclusive Soul Eater giveaway at Yen Press panel tmw!!
10:24 Scott:
Teen Girls Read Manga panel, including Brigid from (2nd to left) and Tricia from Del Rwy (far right)

10:31 MangaCast:
Newsflash! Women read manga. Robin, Brigid, Tricia, Kate…
10:33 MangaCast:
Many factors as to why… There appears to be a difference in critisism, story-telling, art direction
10:34 MangaCast:
Are people dismissing manga as womens comics?
10:36 MangaCast:
kate doesnt think there enough manga for women. Where is the licensed akira for women?
10:37 MangaCast:
brigid just embraces the sparkle. If its junk its their junk.
10:38 MangaCast:
tricia if peeps want josei buy it. Support Nodame!
10:42 MangaCast:
buy Suppli… Everyone on the panel says “yes!”
10:45 tania:
just saw Calista First Second! Woo!
10:53 Scott:
I’m also counting the amount of times I hear the word “Twilight” today. Brigid just gave me number 7.
10:59 MangaCast:
pubs should use the communities girls make with each other online.
11:04 Scott:
Brigid agrees with me on the “where’s the Twilight manga?!” (mention #8)
11:06 Narutaki:
@Scott GAG, where it should be…non-existent.
11:09 Dave:
off to nycc, let’s rock
11:16 Deb Aoki:
imho, to reach female adult mainstream readers, josei manga should be featured / reviewed in magazines like glamour or cosmopolitan.
11:17 Deb Aoki:
these female readers don’t read comics blogs, nor do they go into comics shops, so why are we surprised they don’t know about manga?
11:25 Anime3000:
Car ride up, I’ve got @Japanator Radio and @Ani-Gamers at hand to quell the boredom…
11:39 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
11:55 Scott:
FUNimation’s nice spread.
11:57 Scott:
The Shin-chan candle that @funimation was talking about.
11:59 Scott:
It’s @yenpress giving away free issues of Yen Plus mag.
12:01 Scott:
Tokyopop is in the house, but their booth is pretty small.
12:05 Scott:
Tokyopop’s announcement: a Domo-kun manga! Full-color. On sale Sept 09.
12:07 Scott:
FUNimation say no new announcements this weekend. Yen Press says yes!
12:09 Scott:
And my bit of fanboy showing, Scott Pilgrim!!!!
12:10 MangaCast:
Free volumes of Afro Samurai at the Tor booth 4:00 Fri
12:18 MangaCast:
Checked in with Yen… Get free issues of Yen Plus (including backissues) and free Soul Eater posters
12:27 Scott:
Tentacle Grape soda!
12:36 yenpress:
CORRECTION: Yen panel is in Panel Rm 9 tmw!
12:38 Deb Aoki:
i knew i’d have some dispute with the selection promoted in the “otaku collection development” panel, but I stuck around anyway.
12:40 Scott:
This soda is not for kids!
12:44 Deb Aoki:
Tezuka, Tatsumi, Koike and Barefoot Gen — but oddly, a lot of titles that would be borderline for librarians. and no shojo / kids manga.
12:45 tania:
“so you’re sans wings this time, what a shame”
12:45 Deb Aoki:
when i asked the two male librarian/panelists about the omission of shojo, they said, “oh that was covered in the last panel.”
12:50 Scott:
Tentacle Grape tastes pretty good!
01:04 Dave:
holy shit, the herd i’m in
01:06 animevice:
NYCC: Yatterman Press Conference:
01:07 Dave:
also can the industry declare a moratorium on the v mask? thanks guys
01:14 Dave:
“damn i’m in front of some unfunny fucks”, i thinks to myself
01:15 Dave:
then comedy central comes by selling their new show, and i thinks
01:15 Dave:
01:26 Anime3000:
Looks like I’m going to miss Yatterman press conference, still about an hour away from Manhattan. –Choi
01:38 Narutaki:
Nycc here i come!
01:39 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
I’m in the new york times today, go me
01:41 tania:
just spotted t-san a little while ago! is sho going to be here soon?
02:11 Dave:
the road to yatterman tickets is paved with sho sakurai fangirls
02:21 Dave:
also madworld is the premiere motherfucker-throwing sim of 09
02:22 Narutaki:
Random girl selling anime merch on the street. Does she have a permit?
02:23 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
This is not a bad sandwich for a hundred dollars! Ha ha, I kid, I kid.
02:25 Narutaki:
No mini mates panel. Boo.
02:30 tania:
sho at delrey booth! no photos dammit!
02:30 Narutaki:
Where was the raffle line? Apparently no one knows.
02:31 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
Signing at ny comicon in 15 mins! (2:45) be there!!!!! or don’t
02:33 Narutaki:
Hum con staff know of by name
02:34 tania:
sho bowed to JY and me!
02:40 Dave:
mob scene at nikkatsu booth
02:45 Dave:
guys at nycc: i need contact info
02:47 Anime3000:
Alright, 14 minutes until Yatterman tickets are given away and I’m waiting in the press line. Fuuuuuuck –Choi
02:51 Dave:
yatterman is a no-go. tickets are already spoken for by all the fangirls.
02:51 Deb Aoki:
If you’re @ NYCC and have blue VIP sticker on your badge, u can get a free 15 minute massage @ transcontinental blue zone.
02:52 Scott:
The 3G network is down at the javits. No internets for me. 🙁
02:53 Dave:
people who actually want to see this movie = fucked
02:54 Deb Aoki:
Free water too, which is a small, but welcome perk when it’s $3.75 a bottle outside the blue zone.
02:58 Narutaki:
First panel of the day, x-men!
03:13 Robofish:
Just announced: TOKYOPOP to create Domo manga! For more info, visit:
03:29 Anime3000:
Guess who is not going to Yatterman? Oh, and if you see a skinny Asian kid with long hair, flannal, and courds, say hi! –Choi
04:03 Anime3000:
MadWorld is really everything you want it to be. –Choi
04:32 Narutaki:
Some dude askng why one of the x writers didn’t add him on xbox live.
05:15 Narutaki:
Next up: marvel dark reign!
05:16 Dave:
futuramaing it up
05:46 Anime3000:
Guess 3G is back in the Javits? Splatterhouse panel is wrapping up. Just by seeing that presentation you know it’s going to be terrible.
06:03 Anime3000:
Vertical Publishing should be starting… now. First/last manga publisher of the day, what do you know?
06:21 Scott:
Vertical brings in the niche.
06:33 animevice:
NYCC: Vertical Liveblog.
06:38 Narutaki:
Vertical is going to align wit a japanese publisher
06:38 Anime3000:
@animevice Vertical liveblog? Only one entry is needed: “the economy is in the shitter, so here’s some sudoku.” –Choi
07:17 Scott:
On the line for Yatterman premiere. The fangirls are going nuts.
07:40 Scott:
At the Yatterman premiere with @JohnMartone @Hisui and @giapet.
08:06 Michael Pinto:
The only thing worse than going to the Javits Convention Center? Trying to walk far enough to get a cab to escape the Javits!
08:15 Vampt Vo:
Stuck at Penn Station waiting for the 8:51 train. I’ll probably be writing today’s blog posts while I wait.
08:18 Scott:
We are all sitting in the waaaay back. That’s press, baby.
08:24 Scott:
@Michael Pinto @Gia and I know exactly what you mean! (-_-)
08:30 CMX:
[Asako] Remember…. CMX Panel, Saturday, 6:45PM, Room 1A07. Show your <3 for CMX! We have ‘audience-friendly’ slide-show!! 😀
09:13 Anime3000:
@Scott Gotta make room for the groupies, somehow.
09:16 Anime3000:
Because I didn’t get Yatterman tickets, where did I decide to go? Prototype? Nah. Graphic novels in academia? No way. MTV’s Badasses, baby.
09:57 Chuck:
Lovin NYCC…especially the Sega Booth…plus the Professional’s lounge…so much swag ^^;
10:26 Scott:
Yatterman… What can I say? The CG was bad and the slap shtick comedy was cheesy.
10:31 Scott:
But the corniness eventually won me over. There were a bunch of great LOL moments.
10:45 Narutaki:
Saw the wonder woman movie. Awesome!
10:46 Scott:
The line getting into the Yatterman showing.
10:49 Scott:
The guests welcome everyone. This is how far back we were.
11:07 tania:
NYCC day 1 is over, and I have a five-hr date with my bed beginning now.
11:09 tania:
did i mention said date involves Hugh Laurie reading me to sleep? Ahh…goodnightings…
11:10 Vampt Vo:
Legs are DEAD from walking all day. Now for blog post, sleep, then tomorrow’s con day and more walking!
12:02 Narutaki:
On my way home. Tired but had a good first day!

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