New York Comic Con ’09 – Day 2 in Tweets

Sold out, Jason Thompson OEL, Bandai goes digital, Yotsuba&! vol. 6, FUNimation’s popularity, and Ani-bloggers go out for a huge dinner.

What do you get when you stick tens of thousands of geeks into a single building?

Tens of thousands of iPhones killing my  AT&T internet connection, that’s what!

Good thing I had a whole crew of bloggers ready to twitter away every piece of news to come out of the five industry panels today. A lot of big news happened today, and I’m sure I’ll go into more detail about it in the weeks ahead.

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12:32 Deb Aoki:
geezus. Saturday and weekend passes are sold out for NY Comic-Con. I think that’s a first?
12:34 Deb Aoki:
Color me surprised: Chinese manhua artist Benjamin (creator of Orange) will be at TokyoPop booth 1621 from 12-1 pm on Saturday at NYCC.
12:35 Deb Aoki:
Also, Svetlana Chmakova will be at the Yen Press booth 1921 from 11 – 12:00 pm
12:37 Deb Aoki:
headcold, unfortunately, is really acting up. Did cursory update of blog, now must sleep. -_- zzz
01:12 Angry Rabbit:
Ick! Saturday Comic Con passes are sold out? Not good news for my brother’s friend. :-\ [Ramune]
01:23 Angry Rabbit:
Should be in bed sleeping because we gotta get up early, but trying to find out what we can do for the friend’s ticket situation. [Ramune]
06:10 Michael Pinto:
NY Comic Con 2009: The Ghetto of Geeks vs. the Geriatric Wards of Success:
06:29 Deb Aoki:
TokyoPop doesn’t have new announcements this week, except the Domo comic. however, they seem really jazzed about Battlestar Galactica book.
06:31 Deb Aoki:
Ken Faggio, author of Tantric Stripfighter Trina is appearing at NY Comic-Con today.
06:32 Deb Aoki:
Will i have the nerve to say to him that Tantric Stripfighter Trina is one of the worst things i’ve read this year? Uh. probably not.
06:33 Deb Aoki:
it’s a ‘follow the bouncing boobs’ type action story. it makes my chest hurt just by reading it.
06:40 Angry Rabbit:
Heading to the train station for NYCC with only 1 hour of sleep. Whoo..[Neato]
06:59 Narutaki:
Awake! Don’t need to leave for NYCC for another 2 and 1/2 hours ^^;
07:25 Trisha Lynn:
got added to @animealmanac’s Live Feed. Woot!
07:35 Trisha Lynn:
should have bought her tix earlier, because Saturday and weekend passes are ALL SOLD OUT #nycc09
07:44 Trisha Lynn:
will be tap-dancing as fast as she can to try and get into the show
08:04 Erica Friedman:
@Deb Aoki If he doesn’t realize that something titled Tantric Stripfighter Trina isn’t terrible, he’s got some serious cognitive dysfunction
08:08 Trisha Lynn:
may hate herself for revealing this, but Saturday passes may still be avail if you go here
08:52 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
i do not like awake
08:54 Anime3000:
Fuck! I fell asleep last night while I was writing the NYCC Day 1 wrap-up. I guess there’s some more work to be done tonight. –Choi
09:11 Erica Friedman:
Off to Javits!
09:15 Vampt Vo:
Getting my stuff together. Catching the 9:45 train into the city, so I should be at the Javits before 11.
09:19 Trisha Lynn:
Notes that if I can’t get into the con, I’m probably gonna put in a day @ the office
09:19 Scott:
On the quest to get @Trisha Lynn into the con.
09:22 Deb Aoki:
i forgot to mention that the vertical cookbooks donburi mania and the chinese cookbook by iron chef chen keniichi look yuuummmy.
09:24 Deb Aoki:
if i could, i’d sleep another 6 hours. but alas. being here for NYCC does no allow a ‘call in sick’ day.
09:26 Trisha Lynn:
Is the 3rd person @ the 41st St Midtown Comics location line, waiting for tix #nycc09
09:28 Anime3000:
Today: panels galore, more panels, blogger/attendee interviews, then going home and recording a guest-packed Anime3000 Podcast. God damn!
09:28 Deb Aoki:
why, just look at what’s on the agenda for manga/anime types today. yup. can’t stay home…
09:33 Narutaki:
Getting on the train, q is running local in manhattan grr.
09:40 Deb Aoki:
some of the sentiment i heard yesterday was how ppl thought that the bad economy was a good thing, because it would encourage new ideas.
09:41 Deb Aoki:
or at least it would accelerate the progress toward digital distribution, as consumers become more cost-conscious.
09:43 Deb Aoki:
everyone is betting big that watchmen will drive more people to buy more graphic novels. not too many hopes placed on dragon ball film.
09:43 Deb Aoki:
so y’all who went to see yatterman last night — how was it?
09:53 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
Fresh squeezed OJ: nine dollars. Not getting Convention Scurvy: priceless
09:57 Vampt Vo:
On the train into the city. If anybody needs to get in contact with me, send me a DM.
09:57 Trisha Lynn:
Is comforted to know that comics conventions don’t change even when you do #nycc09
10:19 Vampt Vo:
On the train, talking to some stereotypical comics geeks – also headed to NYCC.
10:43 Deb Aoki:
Overheard yesterday: “yeah, but what I want to know is the Mach 5 faster than the batmobile.” sigh. Boys. 😉
10:45 Deb Aoki:
In the lobby at 10am and there’s this low ambient rumble of thousands of ppl arriving at the show.
10:46 Scott:
Waiting at the Del Rey panel. The big question on everyone’s mind is, “What color bow-tie will Ali be wearing?”
10:49 Dave:
10:54 Narutaki:
Del rey panel first thing this morning.
11:13 Anime3000:
Rushing over to Del Rey, hoping to bump into Joe. –Choi
11:17 Scott:
No bow-tie, but Ali has still got style.
11:19 MangaCast:
Del Rey…New staff and new acquisitions
11:21 MangaCast:
world of holic, tsubasa album de reproductions, nighthead genesis by higuri you
11:23 MangaCast:
mizukami wataru – four eyed prince, ikumi mia – wish, genshiken the return of the otaku novel
11:27 Trisha Lynn:
Finally made it to thw show floor. 1st stop: run thru artist’ alley #nycc09
11:27 MangaCast:
kitchen princess the search for angel cake, King of RPGs by Jason Thompson!!!
11:27 Scott:
The Del Rey crew.
11:32 Anime3000:
Jason Thompson of Otaku USA is making a English-language manga called “The King of RPGs”. -Choi
11:32 Scott:
King of RPGs, the OEL manga from Jason Thompson sounds really awesome.
11:34 animevice:
POST: NYCC: Del Rey Liveblog:
I ran a little late for the Del Rey panel, but here are the announcements:Ge..
11:34 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
Signing @ Oni booth (1413) 11:45 and 4:15 #nycc
11:36 Narutaki:
Bishie wolverine?! What the hell!?
11:38 Anime3000:
“Tim Gunn from Project Runway was a model for characters in the X-Men manga.” FORREALDAMN –Choi
11:43 Anime3000:
“Cyclops look like an emo, rocket guy” WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY CHILDHOOD –Choi
11:53 Scott:
Fan to Del Rey: “Just buy Tokyopop!”
11:56 Scott:
12:25 Anime3000:
Bandai is starting in five, we’ll see what comes out of that. –Choi
12:33 animevice:
POST: NYCC: Bandai Liveblog:
It’s actually a few inutes before the Bandai panel starts, but I thought I’d ..
12:37 Angry Rabbit:
Panels were full. @ Bandai panel.
12:43 Scott:
The ultimate anime expert @Gia fields questions from the common folk.
12:45 Scott:
Rob of Bandai Ent.
12:47 Scott:
Fail internets are fail.
12:51 Anime3000:
Bandai had submitted Sword of the Stranger for Academy Award consideration and got far but “was beat by Kung-Fu Panda”. –Choi
12:52 Scott:
Giving a shout out to @Hisui while Bandai plays the Hayate OP.
12:54 Scott:
Hayate will probably be sub-only due to lack of TV play. Did Bandai really think they could get it on TV?
12:55 Angry Rabbit:
Wonder if they’ll bring the PSP Dot hack game here as well? [Ramune]
12:56 Scott:
I do like seeing the Sola promo being played.
01:02 Scott:
Most of Bandai’s new releases drop in July. I don’t think Bandai will even be around in July.. (>_>)
01:04 Angry Rabbit:
Not a very good Akira trailer. :-/
01:04 Anime3000:
There’s going to be some printing lag for the Akira Blu-ray, so if you want it kids, February 24th. –Choi
01:04 MangaCast:
looks like Bandai will have something for you comic fans… Stay tuned
01:09 Anime3000:
Gundam 00 manga to be released under Bandai–first time Gundam manga and anime will be released under Bandai umbrella. –Choi
01:09 MangaCast:
eureka seven omnibus two vols… And gundam 00 and 00F… Yawn.
01:10 Scott:
And Bandai’s finally going online! (^_^)
01:13 Angry Rabbit:
@Scott About time! [Ramune]
01:14 Angry Rabbit:
Waiting for the Marvel animation panel. [Ramune]
01:17 Scott:
Just a few shows on a YouTube for now, but they are really eager to expand asap. Good on ‘ya, Bandai! (^_^)
01:17 Deb Aoki:
Had interesting conversation with patrick abry of xiao pan, a French co that discovers and publishes Chinese artists.
01:24 Deb Aoki:
He explained that ‘while the art is strong, the content of the stories are often weak.”
01:32 Trisha Lynn:
(javitz center wifi cnnections still sucking ass todY) #nycc09
01:32 Trisha Lynn:
(Phil foglio sketch for book acquired! Also @guigar is one of the nicest guys in comics) #nycc09
01:35 Trisha Lynn:
(scored a seat near the front for the Penny Arcade panel) #nycc09
01:36 Trisha Lynn:
(went oside just to get Tweets I missed & ship new ones) #nycc09
01:37 Anime3000:
Bandai is giving us a digital distribution survey, also talking about Joost as a potential partner. –Choi
01:39 Scott:
Huge audiance for Yen Press.
01:39 Anime3000:
Bandai was kind of a bust, nothing huge. Hopefully Yen Press will surprise. –Choi
01:41 Trisha Lynn:
(Be proud of me for I am standing outside a convention ctr for the 1st time in 7 yrs & I will not bum a fag)
01:41 Anime3000:
@Scott Any insight as to why? –Choi
01:42 Deb Aoki:
So they get French artists to consult and mentor the Chinese artists. “they’re learning fast.”
01:44 MangaCast:
Yen’s Kurt is our host this afternoon
01:47 MangaCast:
time and again by Yun jiun, Spice and wolf manga…. And the mic is off. Raiders by Park JinJun
01:48 MangaCast:
laon by hyun you… Yotsuba!!!!!!!!!!! Detaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
01:49 MangaCast:
fujiyama hyouta’s Cresent Moon Story
01:52 MangaCast:
yotsuba will be restarting in Sept. yen is trying to figure out how to deal with the back issues of that
01:54 Deb Aoki:
Well! Yotsuba 6 picked up by yen press!
01:54 MangaCast:
Kurt still happy with yen plus.
01:55 Scott:
Kurt and @tania of Yen Press

01:56 Scott:
Yen Press is making dreams come true.
01:58 Anime3000:
Online distribution of Yen Plus? “Trying to find the most viable way to do it”, says Yen. –Choi
02:04 animevice:
POST: NYCC: Yen Press Liveblog:
Yen Press is going to start soon. Abby,  Yen+’s resident shrimp artis..
02:11 Anime3000:
Yen Press swag giveaway: I don’t know whether to feel like I’m just in first grade or embaressed: “REMEMBER TO SAY THANK YOU” –Choi
02:12 NY_Comic_Con:
Don’t miss the Disney screening at 230 in the IGN theatre!!!!!!!! Sorry this is my first tweet, too busy!
02:14 Anime3000:
Sean, now we actually have stuff to give away!
02:30 Anime3000:
Is Funimation really that popular? The long is longer than Matthew Callueng’s Smutflix queue. –Choi
02:33 Narutaki:
For some there is a line for the funi panel.
02:37 Anime3000:
@Benu Some titles were already on YouTube before the panel… right? That’s what they said, at least. –Choi
02:56 tania:
poor hyouta fujiyama; upstaged by yotsuba&!
03:01 Trisha Lynn:
‘s D&D encounter is not going too well
03:04 animevice:
NYCC: FUNimation Liveblog
03:09 Trisha Lynn:
Is happy that @jillers has joined the party!
03:10 tania:
more people at the yen panel than ever before! it was like the industry panels i used to go to back in the day!
03:12 tania:
also, guys trying to look up haruhi’s skirt while going down the escalator. -_-;;
03:14 tania:
overheard: fma2 anime 72 eps long to cover all of series?
03:17 Deb Aoki:
Crap. At&t network completely overwhelmed by iPhone users here at NYCC. Only 1/2 my tweets go thru.
03:21 MangaCast:
Funimation sound bite… Anytime we can bastardize a Japanese anime we will do it! (cheers from the audience… And i died a little)
03:24 MangaCast:
Kenichi… Wholesome martial arts fun with boobs
03:26 Dave:
whipped at blazblue: hanging out around the free starbucks spot
03:27 Dave:
bought into that buy two get one free revoltech deal
03:29 Dave:
have way too many bags (thanks aksys)
03:33 Trisha Lynn:
(I get two tokens, yay!) #nycc09
03:39 Trisha Lynn:
(Going back down to Artist Alley, and hopes to find Carla Speed McNeil) #nycc09
03:47 Vampt Vo:
Got out of FUNi panel – no new announcements. 🙁
03:49 Dave:
anybody at nycc know anything about the yatterman encore tonight?
04:02 Anime3000:
Funimation really digging into digital distro with “Fulu”, the Funi Video Player–then again, they own a third of the market. –Choi
04:10 Scott:
At&t network is dead at the Javits, so I’m stepping out to upload some pics.
04:13 Scott:
Yen Press giving free manga to everyone at the panel.
04:16 Scott:
The line waiting for FUNi.
04:18 Scott:
Adam speaking for FUNi. He really did put on a good panel.
04:21 Scott:
Unlike other companies, FUNi is completely honest and open about the situation.
04:25 tania:
kathy says i seem a lot more “genki.” xD
04:26 Angry Rabbit:
Saw a Ranka & Sheyrl cosplayers & I lack a camera! ><
04:43 tania:
ali: “bringing a condom to an anime convention is the definition of optimism.”
05:21 Anime3000:
@mangacast There was no way for Funi to get around the fact that Kenichi sucks. I guess we can give them credit for trying…?
05:26 Anime3000:
@Scott FUNi may be open, but keep in mind that they can be so open about it because they are one of the only ones doing well. –Choi
05:37 Anime3000:
I’m going to bail on CMX and go see up. Let me know if anything happens, mmk? –Choi
06:04 Trisha Lynn:
Is hoping against hope that she will find Carla Speed McNeil today #nycc09
06:08 Michael Pinto:
@Trisha Lynn where are you at now?
06:23 Deb Aoki:
sorry about the intermittent twitter updates. my ATT connection here at javits is… well, it’s just crap.
06:24 Deb Aoki:
operation don’t eat javits food failed today. bought $4.00 pretzel and hated myself afterwards for it.
06:25 Deb Aoki:
lots of hatin’ on tokyopop today for some reason at the del rey and yen press panels. well, maybe disgruntlement is more accurate.
06:26 Deb Aoki:
at del rey, a fan begged them to take on the license for aria, and another asked them to take over tokyo tribes.
06:27 Deb Aoki:
at yen press, after hearing about the yotsuba license, people asked if they’d take over other lapsed titles
06:30 Deb Aoki:
to which kurt says, “If there’s a license that is lapsed, and it’s good, we’ll consider it. “
06:31 Deb Aoki:
“But that said, we’re not looking into cherry-picking lapsed titles from other publishers.”
06:31 Deb Aoki:
“But if a great title falls in our lap, like if VIZ wants to drop Naruto, we’d consider picking it up.” (and the room erupts in laughter).
06:33 Deb Aoki:
meanwhile, at yesterday’s state of the industry panel, Stu, the CEO of tokyopop says he’s got “more princess ai, more bizenghast.” for us.
06:33 Deb Aoki:
you know how the news talk about how the banking and automotive CEOs are tone deaf to their customers & the times?
06:36 Deb Aoki:
somehow that comment reminded me of that. there were too many professionals there who were too polite to moan loudly.
06:37 Trisha Lynn:
(Gonna hit the show floor one more time and then I think I’m done for this year) #nycc09
06:38 Narutaki:
Buy 1 trade get 2 free? Insane!
06:40 Narutaki:
Dc is giving away shop tat project a bat signal!
06:41 Narutaki:
Last panel of the night: cmx
06:55 MangaCast:
Hey @hiasako, the @CMX panel is starting
07:03 Scott:
Jim from @CMX prepares for the twitter press.
07:04 MangaCast:
march on earth… Kyaa too cute. Shou-kun!!
07:04 animevice:
POST: NYCC: CMX Liveblog:.
07:08 Scott:
Both CMX and FUNi put their Macs to good use with fancy Keynote presentations.
07:09 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
It’s a lining my stomach with pink goo kind of day.
07:11 MangaCast:
New from CMX – King of Debris by Aso Yusuke, the Lapis Lazuri Crown by Kawasw Natusna
07:14 Gia:
Day two of con: my throat is entirely dead. @_@;;;
07:16 Angry Rabbit:
@Gia where at the con are you?
07:17 Angry Rabbit:
@Scott What panel are u @?
07:17 Scott:
@Angry Rabbit we’re all at CMX room 1A06
07:18 Deb Aoki:
@Gia i have cough drops if you need ’em.
07:18 MangaCast:
Broken Blade… A mecha manga woohoo Yoshinaga Yunosuke
07:19 Angry Rabbit:
@Scott So am I! [Ramune]
07:20 Gia:
@tania Would that “genkiness” be related to a particular NYCC guest whose name MIGHT rhyme with “schmoe Smackurai”? <3
07:36 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
man oh man
07:45 Trisha Lynn:
Is done w/ NYCC for this year! Tomorrow it’s blog-writing & Coraline in 3D
08:35 Trisha Lynn:
is now waiting for tables @ a diner next to the New Yorker.
08:35 MangaCast:
dont forget to get your “Monmow Disease” sticker from the Vertical booth
08:35 Trisha Lynn:
‘s phone is also dying 🙁
08:46 Anime3000:
Up seems to be really well done from what they showed us. Of course, final judgment us still withheld. –Choi
09:02 Gia:
@Deb Aoki i got some, thanks 🙂 i don’t have predrinking dinner plans for tomorrow yet, you still in town in the evening?
09:14 Narutaki:
Dinner with handsome and beautiful bloggers of the funny persuasion.
09:16 Dave:
parodying web 2.0 at a diner
09:20 Vampt Vo:
Eating dinner with @Narutaki @sdshamshell @Dave and a bunch of other bloggers… Awesome!
11:05 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
sad tummy and weak bladder. Tonight we tweet about bodily functions.
11:10 Anime3000:
Podcast secks with Sean, @Benu, Mike Huang and Jeremy from @animediet. –Choi
11:14 Scott:
Ani-bloggers and friends take over an entire side of the Tick Tock diner for Saturday dinner.
11:17 Anime3000:
Also: we’re plagued with mad technical errors this show.
11:44 Deb Aoki:
In taxi passing thru times square on a Saturday night. Ah, NYC. How I wish I didn’t have to spend so much time in javits.
11:44 Deb Aoki:
Oddly enough,
11:46 Deb Aoki:
Every panel today had people fighting a cold or laringytis.
11:47 Erica Friedman:
Yuri News This Week – February 7, 2009: Another quiet week in the news, and I’m at NYCC today, so I’m keeping th..
11:49 Narutaki:
Home at last! Others went out for karaoke, but I just need sleep too much.
11:50 Deb Aoki:
Interviewed Benjamin, the creator of orange today. Unfortunately, I know no Chinese at all, so couldn’t get a gist of what he said
11:52 Deb Aoki:
At least when I interview Japanese artists, I have some hint of what they are actually saying. Lost in translation indeed.
11:55 Deb Aoki:
Passing so many nightclubs with fresh young things waiting to get in, thinking ‘I’m so not into that now. When did I get old & boring?’
12:28 Vampt Vo:
So tired right now. Posting some NYCC stuff to @AniGamers and then sweet, sweet bed.
01:23 Angry Rabbit:
Back home after a long commute & drive. All in all, fun was had. Wish I took pictures, but there was just too much to do. [Ramune]

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