New York Comic Con ’09 – Day 3 in Tweets

Warm weather, VIZ, podcasting, Scott Pilgrim, and going home!

And so we reach the final day of the New York Comic Con. Normally the Sunday of a convention is the time to chill and relax after a hectic Saturday, and it was most certainly looking that way with only one industry panel scheduled for today.

But there is one factor that can completely disprove this common convention characteristic, and he goes by the name Joss Whedon. Because of his panel today, the Javits center was packed wee early on a Sunday morning. This left many of us bloggers stunned as we try to push through the crowds to get to Viz’s presentation.

NYCC projects an attendance of 77,000 people this weekend, which is really freaking amazing. I will be posting my top highlights from the convention later this week, but for now, please enjoy reading about the last day of the convention through the tweets of those who were there.

On site today:

Deb Aoki
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Vampt Vo
from Ani-Gamers

Bryan Lee O’Malley
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Ed Chavez
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07:12 Narutaki:
Up and I don’t feel like I slept at all! D:
07:39 Vampt Vo:
@Narutaki Tell me about it…
07:46 Narutaki:
High is 52 in NYC today! YES!
07:55 Vampt Vo:
Prepping for my last interview of the con (Warhammer Online). After that will be Viz, meeting with Malcolm Wong, and then I’m free!
08:00 Deb Aoki:
still need to update blog. But yesterday’s highlights at NYCC? Hearing about Yotsuba, hearing Jason Thompson anecdotes at Del Rey Manga
08:01 Deb Aoki:
More NYCC highlights – Getting interviewed by Chinese American station about a chinese manhua artist I was checking out
08:03 Deb Aoki:
NYCC highlights Day 2: Seeing how lively discussion got AFTER CMX Manga panel. It turned into the manga press corps chat fest.
08:07 Deb Aoki:
reflecting on how panelists at one event mentioned how teens ‘know when they’re being talked down to’ in regards to minx’s failure
08:08 Deb Aoki:
and the sheer pandemonium at yen press’ panel. you gotta give it to them — they know how to give their core audience what they want.
08:14 Scott:
@Deb Aoki I’ve written many love letters to Yen Press on my blog. They just came out of no where last year and started kicking some ass.
08:18 Deb Aoki:
and what do they want? books based on their fave anime, a hint of BL/fanservice, and lots of free stuff. 😉
08:28 Hisui:
I am the sleepless undead king. I absorb life and give off anti-life at this point. Still I had a rocking time last night.
08:40 Narutaki:
Oh the joys of having to take care of your own home problems! I am not dealing with it till I’m back from the convention.
08:48 Vampt Vo:
Note to self: Do not take on too many blog post assignments at next convention. This con is insane for me.
08:52 Vampt Vo:
Dropped my wallet on the train, and almost left it there except that somebody picked it up and gave it back. Sometimes I just love people.
08:54 Deb Aoki:
@Vampt Vo you think this is bad? San Diego Comic-Con is like this times 5. sensory overload, parties & lots of news to post. X{
08:55 Deb Aoki:
@Vampt Vo i think i came back from last year’s comic-con almost as wiped out as I felt after 4 days at burning man.
08:56 Deb Aoki:
@Vampt Vo ergo my favorite nickname for San Diego Comic-Con: “Burning Man for Geeks”
09:42 Vampt Vo:
Birds are chirping in NYC. Really nice day out.
10:16 Deb Aoki:
Light schedule at NYCC today. Just Viz at 11 am, say hi to svet, then run to airport.
10:19 Deb Aoki:
Spring-like weather today in NYC. A good day to geek out.
10:23 Deb Aoki:
Sherrilyn kenyon & her publishers probably bought space on every promo opp NYCC had to offer to pimp dark hunters manga.
10:32 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
That warm weather hit new york today. Just as I’m leaving, of course.
10:34 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
p.s. signing at the oni booth 11:45. Panel w/ Douglas Wolk at 1:30. #nycc
10:34 Scott:
Got here mad early for the Viz panel, but there are already a group of people sitting down and the panelist are all set up! (o_o)
10:41 Narutaki:
Walking to the javits with the rest of the rt team.
10:42 Narutaki:
Vizpanel will surely be full of bloggers
10:43 Scott:
Candice and Mark of Viz’s Marketing team are all set and ready 30 minutes before the panel starts!
10:55 Narutaki:
Busy looking sunday here!
11:00 Anime3000:
Viz’s panel starts in three minutes, let’s see what happens. After that, I’m done with NYCC. –Choi
11:00 Deb Aoki:
waiting on the VIZ panel and feeling the tylenol cold kick into my system.
11:02 Ed Chavez:
Viz marketing ninjas fixing their mics
11:04 Ed Chavez:
Ultimo in Shonen Jump USA this summer (july 09), naruto will break from SJ in april and may
11:06 Ed Chavez:
Video featuring Stan Lee… Kinda creepy actually. Excelsior!
11:06 Anime3000:
Stan Lee can really read those cue cards! –Choi
11:09 Scott:
Stan Lee recorded an Ultimo message for all the Japanese true believers.
11:11 Ed Chavez:
ninja barrage… Naruto Nation 2 is called Generation Ninja. Vols 38-40, 42 & 43 with bookmarks, 41 and 44 with stickers packed in
11:13 Scott:
Viz will introduce “Watch and Win” to Watch the legal stream of Naruto, answer a trivia question, win a prize. Brilliant!
11:14 Vampt Vo:
Reporting on the Viz panel. Stan Lee’s Ultimo is coming to Shonen Jump in July.
11:14 Anime3000:
Eight new episodes of Naruto Shippuden weekly on until Viz catches up with Japan.
11:16 Ed Chavez:
mi-ninjas… Mini-ninjas? Ma-ninjas… marketing ninjas.
11:18 Deb Aoki:
So far, Ultimo by Stan Lee and Hiroyuki Takei will join Shonen Jump in July (tentatively)
11:18 Anime3000:
The live-action Dragonball “Posterzine” is straight out of the 80s–IWANTIT –Choi
11:19 Deb Aoki:
an underwhelming response to the Dragon Ball Evolution movie tie-in books and promos.
11:24 Ed Chavez:
High Castle… Nothing new?
11:30 Anime3000:
Viz is releasing the Detroit Metal City: “it’s mature rated, going to be shrink wrapped, but there will be stickon tatoos for you guys” Lol?
11:33 animevice:
VIZ Liveblog:
11:34 Dave: Wrote up the Sho Sakurai Riot on Colony Drop, your angry anime blog. Making my way to NYCC.
11:39 Scott:
Got the damn Ponya song stuck in my head.
11:40 Ed Chavez:
New titles… yuGiOh R, boys over flowers 37 jewelry box, beast master by motomi kousuke, butterlfies, flowers by yoshihara yuki
11:42 Deb Aoki:
Ponyo film comics, art book and picture book due out in July from VIZ
11:43 Ed Chavez:
jormongand by takahashi keitaro, what a wonderful world by iono asano, go go monster
11:45 Ed Chavez:
all my darling daughters by yoshinaga yuki, ono natsume’s not simple, natsume yuujinchou
11:48 Ed Chavez:
New takahashi from viz and Shonen Sunday
11:48 Scott:
Viz will be releasing the new Rumiko Takahashi series in the US this year.
11:49 Scott:
No other details on what the series will be about.
11:50 Anime3000:
Big announcement by Viz: Inuyasha mangaka Takashi creating new series, coming to U.S. In ’09.
11:55 Deb Aoki:
Yay! Gogo monster by taiyo matsumoto from Viz signature in 11/09. (creator of tekkon kinkreet)
11:59 Deb Aoki:
Hooray! What a wonderful world by asano inio (creator of solanin) vol. 1&2 both released in 10/09
12:12 Scott:
Setting up for the ani-gamers podcast.
12:12 Narutaki:
Looks like viz is picking up some more obscure titles
12:14 Narutaki:
Natsume manga licensed. Yay!
12:25 tania:
3000th magazine is GONE!!
12:32 tania:
aisubekiiiiiii, sigh…
12:33 tania:
and natsume~!
01:08 Narutaki:
Just did a podcast with a bunch of bloggers for anigamers
01:20 Narutaki:
Going to one last marvel panel.
01:28 Vampt Vo:
Recorded a podcast episode with @Scott @Hisui @Narutaki and Brigid.
01:28 Scott:
Podcast: done. Now it’s Scott Pilgrim time.
01:28 Dave:
Oh shit I left my badge at home
01:47 Dave:
SOL for badge. Will be loitering for a bit but I can’t go in.
01:49 Deb Aoki:
Also, new manga from fumi yoshinaga and rumiko takahashi
01:52 Deb Aoki:
Looks like new takahashi manga & ultimo will be part of Viz’s push to put out hot manga closer to its Japanese release date,
01:54 Deb Aoki:
Spoke briefly with Viz team, who promised that detroit metal city will be presented in all it’s profane, whacked out glory.
01:56 Deb Aoki:
That’s why DMc will be shrink-wrapped for your protection. 😉
01:58 Deb Aoki:
Missing Scott pilgrim panel, due to need to pack, get to jfk & catch plane at 6:30.
01:59 Vampt Vo:
Most of my stuff is done. Now sitting at the Watchmen panel.
01:59 Deb Aoki:
Upside of kids day at comic-con: cute kids in costumes. Downside: stroller congestion.
02:03 Deb Aoki:
Saw jon Stewart of daily show fame. Too chicken to ask for a photo with him, tho a lot of other folks didn’t have that problem…
02:04 Deb Aoki:
Also saw dmc (from run dmc) checking out the scene.
02:29 Dave:
someone here ought to be cosplaying the mango sentinel
02:38 Scott:
@radiomaru on right.
02:43 Scott:
He was pretty stiff at first, but started really warming up at the q&a went on.
02:56 Scott:
And that will end my New York Comic Con coverage. Thanks for reading!
03:21 Deb Aoki:
Compared to yen press’ Yotsuba add & Viz’s array of sophisticated, grown up picks for fall ’09, domo manga from TOKYOPOP is anticlimatic.
03:25 Scott:
@Deb Aoki I think that Tokyopop has been anticlimatic for quite some time now.
04:10 Anime3000:
After what we saw at NYCC, here is the million dollar question: Do we need liscensing companies to facilitate digital distribution? –Choi
04:12 Anime3000:
…of course, it’d only be the million dollar question if you didn’t cheat. Maybe it was written. –Choi
04:21 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
Panel good, signings good. At the airport now. Thanks all. #nycc
04:32 Narutaki:
Jim lee signed some books for me and took a pic with me!
04:33 Narutaki:
Talked to ryu moto in artist alley.
04:40 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
Going to eat a burger with fork and knife cause I just remembered I haven’t washed my hands since before all that signing.
04:41 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
What is with people who wear jogging pants to the airport? They must be white.
04:48 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
jesus I just recognized the song they were playing in here. It was the friggin S Club Seven theme.
04:58 Narutaki:
Left the con! Still hanging with friends though.
05:04 Deb Aoki:
Having spainish food for dinner at jet blue terminal. They also have a steak house and a sushi bar.
05:07 Deb Aoki:
White sangria, jamon & manchego on baguette & crispy bravas potatoes– probably the most cosmopolitan airport food I’ve had in a while.
05:10 Brigid:
udon’s kids’ manga–sweet!
05:16 Deb Aoki:
Next time I book a Monday flight home. I dislike the Sunday rush out of town after a con.
05:21 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
Ooh my achin’ dogz
06:13 Deb Aoki:
other news from VIZ panel: vague yet encouraging signs for 2009 (hopefully) release of Nana, Honey & Clover and Monster anime.
06:14 Deb Aoki:
@ Del Rey Manga panel, the main push was for the Clamp books, e.g. the xxxHolic fan book, Tsubasa art book, and Clamp in America.
06:15 Deb Aoki:
and the announcement of Jason Thompson’s new series w/ Victor Hao, King of RPGs — a kind of “Hikaru no Go” for roleplaying games.
06:16 Deb Aoki:
e.g. entertaining story about a “sport” that is accessible and readable by non-players. ;
06:31 Anime3000:
I’m a little behind, but I promise to get all NYCC stuff done before Wednesday. In the meantime, I talk about it on this week’s show. –Choi
06:32 Anime3000:
In the meantime, may I also redirect you to these fine folks for NYCC coverage: @Scott, @AniGamers, @animevice, @mangacast –Choi
06:38 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
I wanna go hooooome, screw airports
07:08 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
Finally on the plane. Can’t wait for home and kitty kisses.
07:17 Vampt Vo:
Some kids on the train are saying that kunai knives can’t be thrown and that Link is a human whose ears were cut to points by elves.
07:15 Vampt Vo:
I an very tempted to correct them, but I resist.
09:12 Bryan Lee O’Malley:
report any suspicious rocking chairs to your nearest law enforcement officer

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